Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine

We offer Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine that contains cross seals, which minimizes the movement and prevents breaking of biscuits during transportation. We are recognized as one of the prominent Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine Manufacturers and Exporters in the field. Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine is available in 1, 2 and 3 lines.

Attributes :

  • Packages large volumes in small time duration
  • High tolerance
  • Manufactured using advanced technology
  • Safe and easy usage
  • Pressure resistant
  • Fault less functioning

Details :

  • 200 Gm and 400 Gm of range
  • Minimum speed from 25 to 35 pouches per minute


Voltage(V) 440V
Machine Capacity 1 TON
Dimension(L*W*H) 16*4*6
Driven Type Packing
All Product Contact Parts: SS made
Phase 3

Specifications :

Feeding Auto
Packing Style Pillow Type
Material Any heat laminated film
Power 2 HP with variable frequency inverter drive
Voltage 220 Volts
Machine's speed per minute 25 to 35
Drive A/C Drive
Motor A/C Motor
Dia Roller 6 piece, 4 piece cold and 2 piece hot
Sealer 2 piece
Sealer Quality E.N. 31
Dia Roller 6 piece. EN 31 material
Controllers P.I.D., 3 piece, 1 round heater, 2 cutter heater

Packagings :

Packagings :